My name is Lameesah and I am single mother of three children intent on raising them in a well-balanced, holistic environment. Two of my children are learning memorisation of Qur’aan and I have the joy of raising a toddler after 14 years.

My experience started at a young age, being the only sister to 5 brothers. I was a relentless over achiever in high school always obtaining top in my grade. Challenges at school brought me to a decision to complete my matric year at home and I managed to obtain a matric exemption with distinctions in 3 subjects.

Socio-religious conditioning however prevented me from attending university and I ended up getting married at a young age. After the loss of my first born child and my husband being unemployed, I decided to join the family business.

At the age of 25 I decided to pursue my formal education while juggling the responsibilities of being a wife, mother of two children and a full time employee. I then needed to expand my business experience and started a second job.

9 years of marriage ended in divorce and I found myself not only dealing with the emotional impact of divorce but also having to contend with maintenance issues in court. After representing myself in a year-long court battle I successfully achieved a court order in my favour. This followed with more court experiences due to interdicts, arrears and retrieving money from default judgements granted – some of which are still ongoing. I was now studying, working two jobs, being a single mom and dealing with the social stigma of being a divorcee.

After 15 years in the family business I decided to break away and grow my consulting business. The emotional challenges of leaving the family business didn’t leave me unscathed. My health suffered and I was diagnosed with early onset diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic migraines.

I remarried after 6 years but found myself in an even worse position than before. After a psychologist pointed out narcissistic personality disorder, I decided to research it – at first to understand the other person but after months of researching and applying I realised that the best decision would be to leave. It was through my research that I realised that I needed to heal the wounds inside myself or I was always going to be in this position.

On this journey I found that so many women suffer from the very same thing! Silenced by the conditioned belief that covering abuse is noble. A deep desire to help these women realise their worth and help them break free from these false beliefs ensued.

I enrolled at The Muslim Life Coach Academy and this guided me to apply the knowledge gained and equipped me with the tools and skills required to assist others. My belief is that if women are educated and empowered at a young age, they would make better decisions that would impact not only their future but the future of an entire generation. It is also never too late to make these changes in your own life, no matter which age you find yourself.

You are a creation of Allah, Allah does not create anything without purpose – let me help you find yours.

Sincerely ,

Lameesah Soeker

As a life coach, Lameesah has appeared on Radio promoting and giving “on the air” guidance to those troubled persons. She was also a finalist in the Roshgold 2019 Young Business Achievers Award.